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Welcome to our website and thank you for your interest in BrainyCakes Dog Barkery's home-made dog treats.

BrainyCakes is a small home-based business located in Mission, British Columbia with select retailers in and around the lower mainland. I started BrainyCakes shortly after my rescue dog Jordan passed away. Jordan gradually became ill and gastro-intestinal issues (food allergies/sensitivities) were suspected to be the culprit. Out of Jordan's illness and my desire to raise my new litter mate puppies with the best nutrition possible i was inspired to learn to produce wholesome dog treats for not only my dogs but dogs everywhere.

The only field I have had any interest in is Animal Health. I have always loved animals, dogs especially! I worked in a few different Veterinary clinics after completing my Veterinary Office Assistant Program and settled in at my last clinic for roughly 9 years - it was perfect -my home away from home. I combined my knowledge of safe and beneficial "human" ingredients with my need for training bites for my rambunctious Labrador litter mates and the rest is history!

Our products contain no soy, dairy, corn or artificial sweeteners. I rely on the natural occurring sugars in the organic fruits and vegetables, used for each recipe, to provide enough sweetness to satisfy many pooch palates!  Each batch is hand-made, tested for perfection then packaged for maximum freshness. Custom orders are popular too! Many of my clients have specific needs for their canine companions and rely on me to provide their dog with tummy friendly snacks.

All of our treats are Grain Free and made with Organic Buckwheat Flour ( despite its name, Buckwheat is closely related to rhubarb and is derived from fruit seeds - it's gluten free too! ) Treats are created with simple, wholesome ingredients that help maintain our pups health and well-being. Our cookies are slow baked to help retain beneficial nutrients.

The raw ingredients that make up our single ingredient dehydrated liver snacks are sourced out of our local farms here in BC - all meats chosen are raised without the use of hormones and antibiotics. We have a variety of treats so that ALL dogs can enjoy something from our menu. Even though our treats are labeled for dogs, our cats fancy the liver treats just as much!

Although Jordan was not able to enjoy these nutritious snacks, every batch of BrainyCakes is made with Jordan in mind and her picture is framed in the kitchen area where I spend most of my time. Although her illness inspired me to create these pawesome dog treats for all pups to enjoy, I can't forget to mention the impact her illness has made on me personally and my ingredient choices when I am shopping at our local markets.

I have had some people ask me "What's in it for you?" or "What do you get out of this?" My reply: I am able to spoil many dogs, indirectly, with affordable, healthy and wholesome snacks - and that is enough to keep me happy and to continue doing what I do for our furry friends!"

New Logo
Monday, February 16, 2015

Thank you for visiting our website! During the next little while we will be updating and making some changes to our webpage. Our online ordering system should not be affected, however, if you do run into any problems please let us know so that we can fix the error as soon as possible!
I can be reached at sheri@brainycakes.com

Happy to announce that we are also doing some packaging and labeling changes. I will be using up all of my old stock before bringing in something new, so over the next few months our treats may look a little different than what you are used to. Although the packaging has changed you can bet the quality on the inside has not! Our product is still as healthy and wholesome as always.

If you are a retailer or dog groomer/walker/sitter interested in carrying our dog treats please email me directly sheri@brainycakes.com to discuss wholesale pricing.

Thank you so much for your understanding!

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